Glenn Beck’s “solution” to Obama’s “socialist” agenda: A “new 9/11”?

I was watching Glenn Beck’s show on Faux News today. Today, Beck was using the imminent approval of animal rights radical Cass Sunstein as his excuse to rail against America. Beck seems to be playing the part of a freedom fighter, but he is just playing a part.

Today, Beck used the socialist agenda of the Obama administration to hype the upcoming 9/12 Project. Apparently, the 9/12 Project is a “national day or service” where people all across the country will honor the 8th anniversary of the day after 9/11. See, on today’s show, Beck said “we were attacked on 9/11, and on 9/12 we united as one and threw away partisanship and divisiveness”. Beck then went on to say that since 9/12, America has once again allowed itself to be divided by partisanship.

So what feeling did I get from watching the show? The feeling I got was this: Glenn Beck wants a “new 9/11” to once again “unite us as one”.

Maybe Beck knows something we don’t.

Keep in mind of the events that transpired prior to 9/11. Bush’s approval rating was sliding. There was the Enron debacle. And so many other things. And then 9/11 happened, and everybody stopped talking about Enron and whatever, and Bush’s approval ratings shot up into the 90s.

Currently, Obama’s approval rating is sliding. Some in the antiwar movement are questioning why we are still in Afghanistan. Many people are bickering back and forth over the healthcare reform issue. And many are outraged at government corruption, especially lobbyists gaining prominent government jobs in Obama’s administration, despite Obama’s campaign promise to hire no lobbyists. So could an international crisis of at least the same magnitude as 9/11 be on the horizon and make Americans forget about healthcare reform, the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and government corruption?

This wouldn’t be the first time Beck has called for a new 9/11. Watch the following clip:


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