Microsoft trains Best Buy employees to spew anti-Linux propaganda

Comment: I should point out that Linux works fine with iPods and video chat. Skype 2.0 – which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux – works perfectly with video chat. Pidgin supports video chat on many of the IM protocols which are supported by Pidgin. iTunes replacements such as Rhythmbox and Amarok work perfectly with iPods. I have personally used Rhythmbox to sync to an iPod. And Transgaming Cedega and newer versions of Wine and Codeweavers’ Crossover Games will play World of Warcraft with no problems. So don’t believe the corporate disinformation from Redmond and the Madison Ave. advertising executives. Linux does everything Microsoft does…except get infected on a routine basis by trojans and spyware and adware and viruses.


M$’s Anti-Linux Training at Best Buy.
Submitted by twitter on Friday September 04, @10:15AM

twitter writes “Best Buy is one of the few national computer retailers that has survived Vista and the recession. Here’s how Microsoft is training their employees. It’s like a throwback from the badly discredited “Get the Facts” campaign.

I work at Best Buy (insert boos and hisses) and I was doing some Microsoft ExpertZone training. … during my training modules, a “Linux vs Windows 7” module appeared. Here are screenshots of the lies Microsoft is portraying.

Okay so here’s where it starts getting bad. [bogus claims that gnu/linux won’t work your ipod, do video chat, play World of Warcraft and so on]

If you have been paying attention, you know that the first slide is a lie. Windows 7 won’t provide familiarity, choice, compatibility, or peace of mind, really. Windows 7 is a service pack for Vista that comes at a cost to your freedom and privacy. Best Buy is in for a world of hurt if they believe what Microsoft is telling them.”

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Here are some of the screenshots in question.

Here are some of the screenshots in question.


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