Google-shilling Linux “advocates” censoring and smearing comments critical of Chrome OS

Freescale, Qualcomm, Texas Insruments, Acer, Asus, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, and Toshiba on the hardware front. Adobe on the software front. And one report claims that Intel is collaborating with Google on the Chrome OS.

Intel collaborating with Google can mean only one thing. Intel’s gonna use their vPro hardware backdoor together with an OS made by a CIA front to spy on people…and then the Google-worshipping Chrometards will accuse you of being a kook and a liar and a “Microsoft shill” if you claim that they’re using Chrome OS and Intel vPro to spy on people.

I never thought I’d see the day when Linux advocates would become NWO-worshipping slaves…until Penguin Pete said “I for one welcome my new Google overlords”.

Want proof that dissent against Chrome OS is being censored? Look here.

I left the following comment:

Chrome OS (from Google the CIA front) – “Change PCs Can Believe In”

Check this out. A Linux advocate now says he has Google overlords.

penguinpetes(.)com(/)b2evo(/)i ndex(.)php(?)title(=)i_for_one_welcome_our_new_google_overlo r(&)more(=)1(&)c(=)1(&)tb(=)1( &)pb(=)1

Linux “advocate” Roy Schestowitz of is now smearing all criticism of Chrome OS as “shilling for Microsoft”.

Schestowitz has been exposed as a Google shill. And it looks like Shillowitz is now changing the commenting policy on his website to “combat abuse and intimidation from trolls”. Bullshiiiiiiiiit. He knows he’s been exposed as a Google shill for his fawning over Chrome OS, so now he wants to prevent people from exposing him as a shill. Shillowitz, you’re busted!


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