Stadium of light: Double rainbow illuminates football match

The colourful bow arched over the Keepmoat Stadium yesterday evening, as players from Doncaster Rovers and Tottenham Hotspurs filed onto the pitch.

A rainbow is created by both reflection and refraction. Sunlight shines on raindrops and the light is reflected back towards the observer.

The raindrop also acts as a prism. The light is bent or refracted as it enters the water and splits into the full spectrum of colours from red to indigo.

The colours are so vivid here because the water droplets are between one and two millimetres in size, any smaller and the rainbow appears hazy.

The sky is brighter underneath the bow because the stadium lights are illuminating the sky in relation to where the photograph is being taken from.

When you consider the time of day this occurred, the darker sky is being accentuated because the sun is about to set, creating a dramatic contrast with the dark clouds above the stadium.

Rainbows are highest in the sky when the sun is lowest. This rainbow lit up the sky at a 7.30pm kickoff because summer days are longer.



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