#Trump is a #pedophile. #Pedophilia #ChildPredator #SexualPredator #TrumpForPrison #DonaldTrump

Comment: Now the media can use this to declare that all Trump supporters – including Alex Jones – are apologists for pedophiles. And they will use libertarian Ian Freeman – who supports doing away with “age of consent” laws – as another excuse to lump the alt-right with pedophiles.

‘I want to puke’: Internet recoils in disgust over video of Trump skeezing on a 10-year-old girl

Donald Trump’s Creepy Stewardship Of The Miss Teen USA Pageant

Former Miss Teen USA contestants allege Donald Trump “walked in” on them changing outfits

#PatRobertson endorses #adultery as long as #Trump is the adulterer.

Last I checked, a married man who touches another woman in a sexual way is guilty of adultery, and the Bible clearly prohibits adultery in not only the Old Testament but also the New Testament.

Exodus 20:14 “You shall not commit adultery.”

Matthew 5:28 “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

Pat Robertson is a Christian hypocrite.

Did #DonaldTrump leak the audio himself to hand #Hillary the presidency? #Trump

This blog has exhaustively documented that Donald Trump is a false-flag candidate paid by the Democratic Party to infiltrate the Republican Party to not only give Hillary the presidency next month, but also to destroy the credibility of the GOP to the point where the GOP will eventually wither away and die.

If Trump were indeed a stooge paid by Hillary, then it would make logical sense for him to leak the audio himself in order to help his buddy Hillary.

Yet the infotards at Infowars.com reported me and got me banned for exposing the fact that Trump is indeed a Democrat mole and even quoting Infowars.com editor-in-chief Paul Joseph Watson in an article last year where even he said Trump was a ringer and was put in to give Hillary the presidency.

Donald Trump and Alex Jones will be death of not only the GOP, but also the so-called “alt media”. By this time next year, Mr. Watson will probably be working at the Daily Mail alongside his right-wing butt buddy David Martosko.

#Trump the vulgar #Democrat #mole proves that #GOP primaries were rigged by #Hillary. #RIPGOP

Yet another Trump scandal has come out showing Trump to be a vile sexist pig.

With reports of Trump calling fat Miss Universe contestants “Miss Piggy” and Trump just being a vile disgusting sexist, is it any wonder why people such as myself view Trump as a mole planted by Hillary Clinton and/or the DNC in order to give Hillary Clinton an easy victory next month?

The nomination of that vulgar piece of shit Trump will not only give Hillary the presidency next month, but it will also ensure that no Republican ever sets foot inside the White House again except as an invited guest.

Or will there even be a Republican Party after this election? Will we see countless Republicans getting voted out of office in favour of Democrats, or will we see countless Republicans switch party affiliations and become Democrats or even Libertarians or Greens?

Hey Alex Jones, you’re gonna get that one-party dictatorship you’ve always warned about, and when we get it, it’s gonna be your fault because you are shilling for part of the psyop.

Just got banned by YouTube.

Just tried getting on YouTube to check the number of views my Michael Savage video and it looks like YouTube has deleted my channel altogether.

I warned in the video description that the video would probably cause my channel to be shut down by YouTube/Google. Looks like that has indeed happened.

EDIT: Turns out my account got hacked and whoever hacked my account deactivated my channel and changed my password. I got my account back and changed my password to something hard to remember.

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