How the #Yellowstone #supervolcano eruption would affect #vegans and #carnists alike.

If Yellowstone were to erupt, all the crops in the midwest would be wiped out either as a result of being instantly blasted away, incincerated with pyroclastic flows, or buried under feet of volcanic ash

Depending on the spread of volcanic ash, it could also cripple the California winery business.

Anheuser-Busch would lose their hops farm in Idaho (Elk Mountain Farms), and Molson Coors would lose their corporate headquarters in Colorado, so the American beer industry would be crippled as well. Plus, depending on the spread of volcanic ash, it would wipe out their hops farms in Idaho and possibly even Washington.

Even soybean crops would take a negative hit. Iowa is a leading producer of soybeans, and a Yellowstone eruption would most likely blanket all of Iowa in volcanish ash and destroy the Iowa soybean crops.

And if the volcanic ash doesn’t destroy the crops, then they could be wiped out from a deep freeze as a result of a volcanic winter.

A Yellowstone eruption would cause mass food riots and looting, and that would be used as an excuse to declare martial law. We would see food rationing and mass starvation.


#XXXTentacion a victim of #VigilanteJustice?

Considering the fact that XXXTentacion was facing a long list of criminal charges includes beating his pregnant girlfriend, I have a feeling that this wasn’t just an armed robbery. I think he was killed by a viginante.

Vigilante justice has no place in modern society. All people are guaranteed by the Constitution due process and a fair, soeedy trial. Vigilantism robs people of that right. A vigilante who plays the role of judge, jury, and exexutioner does not believe in true justice. Vigilantism is just a form of tyranny.


@peta and @ConsumerFreedom: Controlled opposition. #ControlledOpposition #FakeOpposition #PETA #ConsumerFreedom #CCF #CenterForConsumerFreedom #RickBerman



The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) runs a website called The organization’s support comes from Agribusiness and other companies that exploit animals. Go on the website of and you’ll find a litany of articles and postings attacking PETA for their hypocrisy and corruption. Read articles by PETA or PETA’s defenders and you’ll see plenty of articles attacking At first glance, you would think that they are mortal enemies. You’d be wrong. Scratch beneath the superficial surface, dig a little deeper and you’ll see that in fact serve each other’s bottom lines and allow each other to continue harming animals through a dysfunctional but symbiotic relationship.

Today, the number one cause of death for healthy dogs and cats in the U.S. is the local animal shelter. In spite of this, PETA defends killing shelters publicly, even when they abuse and kill animals. They defended shelters where puppies were drowned in trench drains, where staff abused them, where cats were not given water or food during a three-day weekend, and where sick and injured animals were allowed to suffer with no veterinary care so they would die and therefore not count in the statistics the shelter was required to report.

PETA also fights reform efforts nationwide, including legislation introduced by animal lovers in several states mandating simple, common sense procedures which would protect shelter animals: such as requiring shelters to provide prompt and necessary veterinary care rather than allow animals to suffer, to work with qualified non-profit rescue organizations rather than killing animals who have a place to go, and to end convenience killing for savable animals when there are empty kennels or cages. Not only has PETA itself killed 29,426 companion animals in the last 11 years, including those they themselves described as “healthy,” “adoptable,” “adorable,” and “perfect,” PETA has called for the round up and killing of healthy cats, too. It has called for a ban on all adoptions of healthy dogs if they look like a “pit bull,” supporting a policy requiring their automatic destruction. It defended a shelter’s “pit bull” ban, which resulted in the round up and killing of family pit bulls and then some of those dogs were sold by the “shelter” to vivisectors for $6 each after impound. It successfully defeated animal protection legislation that would have mandated that shelters not kill animals when non-profit rescue groups are willing to save those animals and which would have prohibited the common practice of killing animals when there are empty cages, a thoroughly reprehensible sheltering protocol which PETA endorses. And it disparages the motives of anyone who questions these actions, by claiming that people who want to end the killing of animals in shelters are not animal lovers, but “dangerous,” “radical,” “fanatics,” “slow kill hoarders” and people with a secret agenda to destroy the animal rights movement.

In fact, no matter what the issue, PETA invariably responds to criticism in the same way—by creating a diversion. First they defame those who are holding PETA accountable for their actions, stating but never giving proof how the concerns are “misinformation” or how, exactly, being concerned that PETA did something which harmed animals translates into supporting industries which harm animals, and then they simply change the subject: Ignore the issue, smear the messenger, then change the subject. It’s an effective sleight of hand used by PETA over and over again, and is a shield that comes courtesy of the Center for Consumer Freedom.

Anyone who loves animals should not embrace or support what the Center for Consumer Freedom stands for. That doesn’t change the fact that when it comes to their criticism of PETA’s killing of thousands of animals every year, they are correct. While the motivations may be entirely base, what they are saying is in fact true, even though on everything else they are entirely wrong. To borrow an old saying, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Moreover, it is not the Center for Consumer Freedom which is thwarting our effort to achieve a No Kill nation or build a better world for companion animals; rather, it is the leaders of organizations who are supposed to protect animals but instead betray them. It is also the legions of gullible grassroots activists who mindlessly come to their defense and eagerly dismiss all criticism of these organizations as a vast conspiracy of animal exploiters, thus allowing those betrayals to continue. Every time the Center for Consumer Freedom places an ad in a newspaper that exposes the grisly and disturbing truth about PETA’s killing, our response should be to address the hypocrisy and corruption being reported. Why? Because, tragically, they are true, and because those actions hurt animals: in the case of PETA because they literally inject thousands of animals a year with a fatal dose of poison.

Ignoring the corruption within the animal protection movement will not make that corruption go away, nor will it ever stop it from causing real harm to animals. Only by refusing to tolerate that corruption and demanding change can we ever hope to do that. Moreover, it is naïve to ignore that it is already well within the power of PETA to stop the ads that expose their hypocrisy and misdeeds if PETA leadership truly wanted to—by simply bringing their corruption to an end. Instead, PETA has found a clever way to deflect all criticism for their actions so they don’t have to change, allowing the killing and defense of killing to continue. PETA knowingly serves up ammunition to CCF on a silver platter then uses that same silver platter as a shield to defend itself against valid criticism by arguing that any censure of PETA is simply part of a vast conspiracy by animal exploiters. That is why—although I am a vegan who believes in animal rights, who believes in an end to the killing of animals for any reason, and who believes in everything that the CCF exists to oppose—I believe defending PETA for their hypocrisy and corruption hurts animals. The animal protection movement is hypocritical and it is inauthentic in its embrace of the killing of dogs and cats. And too many people who claim to love animals defend these groups anyway, putting their allegiance to organizations and the people who work at them before the very lives of animals.

Indeed, in promoting the corruption of the animal protection movement, the CCF has placed themselves in a Catch-22. Were the CCF to actually succeed in forcing reform, the animal protection movement as a whole would grow stronger. Should CCF succeed in reforming those practices of PETA of which they are most critical, their success would also be their own loss and the animals’ unequivocal gain. And that is why, in reality, CCF does not want PETA to reform. If they did, they could no longer attack them or the animal protection movement for hypocrisy and they would be forced to start fighting on the merits of the cause alone. And as the history of our country demonstrates, we are on the winning side of that debate. Those who work to eliminate the suffering and death of others—to build a kinder, gentler, and more just world—eventually triumph. But how can the animal protection movement get to that point if those in positions of leadership within the movement are inauthentic, promote killing, and time and again sell out those they are supposed to be protecting? As long as there are people in positions of leadership whose actions demonstrate that they do not really care about animals and who continue to undermine the authenticity of the movement that they are supposed to represent, the movement is hobbled, and therefore the longer animals will continue to suffer and die.


#DirectActionEverywhere exposed as another #FalseFlag group. #FalseFlagVegans

Direct Action Everywhere

Sign the petition by clicking here.

Direct Action Everywhere says killing animals is violence:

So why do they promote people who kill animals?

Despite being well acquainted with the killing, Direct Action Everywhere chooses to look the other way because associating with PETA means exposure and prestige for its own organization, even when doing so violates the principles they claim to champion.

DxE calls on people “to recognize that every silent act of acquiescence, which we rationalize as a matter of ‘convenience’, ‘decorum,’ or ‘bridgebuilding’, is a betrayal of the individual animals whose brutally-tortured bodies are screaming out for us to stand up for them.”

DxE further calls on everyone to “to speak and act with the political urgency and rhetorical clarity that would be the natural result if we were the ones whose heads were on the chopping block” because “every animal (human or non-human) has an equal right to be safe, happy, and free.”

Yet, they do not extend these rights to the thousands of animals PETA kills every year. Instead of speaking and acting with “political urgency and rhetorical clarity” against the killing, DxE partners with PETA, standing side by side with members of that group at collaborative protests, thereby encouraging the public and the grassroots animals rights community to ignore PETA’s killing and regard PETA as a legitimate voice for animals.

Wayne Hsiung, the founder of Direct Action Everywhere, went further, calling Newkirk “brilliant,” stating that she has “astounding strength of character,” and that she is “the leader this movement needs.” Although well aware of PETA’s duplicity, Hsiung prostrated himself before Newkirk, calling his past criticism of her organization “untimely” and “unwise.” What did she do to change his mind? She gave his organization “a huge shout-out” at the 2016 Animal Rights Conference, a conference where ground rules for speakers specify that no one is allowed to criticize, or even mention, PETA’s killing to the thousands of activists who attend. Instead, conference organizers, beholden to PETA for sponsoring the conference, encourage attendees to do what Hsiung did: lionize and celebrate those who kill.

Ingrid Newkirk will give the keynote at “California Convergence,” a DxE conference in Berkeley on Oct. 20, 2017.

This outspoken embrace of Newkirk not only condones and amplifies PETA’s views that dogs and cats should be killed, it legitimizes an animal killer to a whole new generation of animal rights activists, increasing PETA’s power, wealth, and influence and enabling PETA to use those to the great detriment of companion animals in shelters, in homes, and in our communities.

This photo, taken by a PETA employee, shows pit bull dogs killed by PETA.

People who love animals don’t celebrate those who harm them; they condemn them. People who champion animal rights don’t give a platform to the views of those who advocate for, even practice, their systematic and relentless killing; they speak out, loudly and without equivocation, for animals threatened with violence and death. And people who turn a blind eye to the killing of one group of animals because they benefit from a relationship with their killer lack the moral authority to condemn others for doing the same.

If the people of Direct Action Everywhere want to teach the people what it truly means to respect and stand up for animals as its members have claimed its mission to be, they must start by first practicing what they preach, and what the many other vegans who have already rejected PETA have done: repudiate rather than collaborate with animal killers. Otherwise, the important message Direct Action Everywhere members claim to be championing in our public spheres will continue to be tainted by the hypocrisy of their messenger.

Because partnering with animal killers is not activism; it’s violence.

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Initial impressions of #Freespire 4.0 Alpha 1. #FreespireLinux #Linspire #LinspireLinux #Linux #Ubuntu

Okay I just downloaded Freespire 4.0 Alpha 1 and booted into a live environment using VirtualBox.

Initial impressions?

Freespire 4.0 Alpha 1 uses the Xfce desktop environment with a setup which doesn’t really impress me. It also includes the Plank dock which is okay if you like the macOS experience. Me? I’m more of a fan of the Windows-style desktop which can be found in the KDE and Xfce editions of Freespire 3.0 and Linspire 7.0.

The included software with Freespire 4.0 Alpha 1 is pretty much your standard Xubuntu 18.04 fare, including Xfburn and Parole media player. (I use a commercial desktop OS called UXOS which uses a sleek Windows-type interface and includes Rhythmbox and VLC for media playing and Brasero for burning CDs/DVDs. It’s a very impressive OS and can be bought at

The wallpaper and theme are pretty much taken from Xubuntu 18.04.

So far, Freespire 4.0 Alpha 1 is just Xubuntu 18.04  with a fancy dock and some extra software thrown in. It’s not very impressive, but keep in mind that this is an alpha release, In addition, Linspire/Freespire announced a while back that future editions of Freespire would be released exclusively with the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment and that Xfce would be available as a standard built-in desktop only with Linspire.


Freespire 4.0 Alpha 1 desktop. Running in VirtualBox 5.2.8. Running on UXOS Alisa.


#Freespire 4.0 alpha now available. #Linspire #Ubuntu #Linux

Just checked Black Lab Linux’s Ibilio page and noticed that in their pre-releases folder, there is an ISO image for the alpha release of Freespire 4.0.

Freespire 4.0 – and its commercial counterpart, Linspire 8.0 –  will be based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

I am currently downloading Freespire 4.0 and will post a review as soon as possible.

If you are interested in trying out Freespire 4.0 Alpha 1, you can click here to download the disk image. (It is in .iso format.)